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Vinyl Pool Installation

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Why Choose a Vinyl Pool

When choosing what kind of pool you want for your backyard oasis, it can seem overwhelming with the many options to choose from.  First, the cost of vinyl liners is less than others, making them the most economical choice of all the different types of pools. Sure, any which way you go, a new swimming pool is going to be a substantial investment, but vinyl is less costly than fiberglass or concrete, making this one huge advantage over other pools. Concrete is costly and expensive, both in installation and maintenance. Fiberglass is more cost-effective than concrete, but shipping them is costly,  and repairing a damaged fiberglass pool can get expensive. Vinyl pools, on the other hand, are a little bit cheaper than fiberglass on the onset, and if you do need to repair a vinyl liner, it’s generally much less expensive than concrete or fiberglass. You will need to replace your vinyl liner at some point, but compared to the cost of resurfacing a gunite pool, that’s not terribly expensive either.

What a completely installed pool package includes:

Basic package deal will include the following:

  • (1) Skimmer

  • (3) Returns

  • Dual Main Drain

  • Sand Filter

  • (1) HP Pump

  • TruClear Salt Generator

  • Time Freeze Guard

  • Maintenance Kit (Triangle Vacuum, pole, leaf net, skimmer net, brush, 35ft hose)

  • Equipment Pad

  • Schedule 40 PVC Plump Kit

  • 1 Large 500W Light

  • Basic 50ft electrical hook up

  • 500 sq.ft. concrete allowance (approximately 4ft of concrete around the pool)

  • Required Permitting (additional fees could be required depending on county regulations) 

Vinyl Pool Shapes

Vinyl Pool Color Options

Signature Series

Destination Series

Full Floor

TrueStone Collection: Style Options

TrueStone Collection: Blue Slate

TrueStone Collection: Flag Stone Gray

TrueStone Collection: Flag Stone Tan

TrueStone Collection: Obsidian

TrueStone Collection: Pearl Stone

Warranty Information

Standard Warranty:

25-YR Limited Warranty / 3-YRS FULL

First 3 Years


4 to 10 Years


11 to 25 Years


Premier Value Series:

20-YR Limited Warranty / 1-YR FULL

First Year


2 to 5 Years


6 to 20 Years


Desired Qualities of Inground Pools: Vinyl vs Fiberglass

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